The Church of Chocolate

  Welcome, siblings in chocolate...
Welcome to the Church of Chocolate, the spiritual home of chocophiles everywhere.  ChoCo is a non-profit religious organization that supports and celebrates the theology of chocolate -- which, as every everyone knows, is a religious experience when taken in the right quality, quantity, or company! 

It's not just about flavor... or texture... or purity... or even communion (although that's a good start).  Here at the Church of Chocolate, we know what it means to love God with your whole heart,  mind, and soul -- or at least we can picture that level of devotion based on our love of chocolate.  Like other spiritual disciplines, chocolate is stimulating, uplifting, and makes us happy:  chocolate blesses every situation and improves every condition.  Besides, chocolate is the best evidence of the existence and nature of God.  As the proverb says, de gustibus non est disputandum, or "there is no arguing with taste".  Every taste of chocolate assures us both that chocolate exists, and that there IS a Supreme Bean. 

The Church of Chocolate (or ChoCo for short) is an inclusive organisation:  we love every type of chocolate, and the rest of your life issues/choices don't matter to us!  Sure, we have some theology, and the link below will take you to that page (which will be posted as soon as I finish making these orange-chocolate truffles).  Our mission is to encourage divine passion; we like to see as many people as possible falling in life, in love, AND in chocolate!  Join us today in the spiritual search and thanksgiving for theobromine, the food of the God(s).

At ChoCo, we agree with Isaiah 22:13 -- Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may diet!


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June 21, 2009:  There are new articles and recipes you can now download from the Theology page...  Also, heartfelt thanks to Clay Gordon of for his helpful suggestions for improving this site.

Church of Chocolate Mission:


To inspire, indulge, encourage and celebrate shared love of chocolate, as a spiritual discipline, wherever it is required, desired, or available.
ChoCo Services:
  • 2pm, the fourth Sunday in every month at the Mother Church in
    Santa Barbara, California -- contact Rev. Kyre for details
ChoCo Sacraments:
  • Chocolate Liturgy including Holy CoCommunion
  • Chocolate Baptism (well, maybe not the whole head...)
  • Weddings (including chocolate fountains - yum!)
  • Wakes and/or Death by Chocolate
  • Ordination -- become a CoCommunion minister!
  • Chocolate retreats -- really!
  • Blessings for websites and businesses

ChoCo Donations:
The Church of Chocolate really is a  church, or religious non-profit, so  donations are welcome AND tax-deductible (or  will be when  registration is complete).  Click HERE to donate -- and thanks for your support!
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