The Church of Chocolate

The more time we investigate chocolate-based spirituality, the more we find that there is a wonderful level of passion about (and need for) what Church of Chocolate has to offer.

This is very encouraging for us, and (we hope) for you, too.  There are many faces of the chocolate experience, and all of them are spiritually valuable and uplifting, not to mention delicious.  What could be more delightful than doing well AND doing good through chocolate spirituality?  It's a natural win-win for all of us, and we know there are many like-minded chocophiles who are thrilled to support the spread of this new and exciting spiritual adventure.  All this, and chocolate, too!

We're also lining up some projects that will spread the cheer of chocolate spirituality to areas that could use some edification.  Check this page for news of charitable developments!

Everything sold from or through this site brings a percentage into the ChoCo coffers.  Your donations help to spread the good news of ChoCo spirituality to a wider audience.  Take a moment to imagine a life without chocolate...  now pull yourself together, and click below to help the Church expand and grow, spreading chocuphoria in ever-increasing ripples through the human vibrational field.

Please note:  We have a problem accepting donations while we are working on nonprofit status.  However, we CAN accept subscriptions for our newsletter, so please subscribe at  only $10.00 per YEAR (so that we can get this church off the ground).  Thanks!

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Mal 3:10 -- Bring ye the whole tithe into the store-house, that there may be food in my house!


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ChoCo is a non-profit religious organization, so your donations are both welcome and  tax-deductible soon as registration is complete. Unfortunately, PayPal will not allow donations until the paperwork is in.  Please subscribe to the newsletter instead, or contact us to make a donation directly.  Thank you so much!

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Thanks for your support!

May it return to you 100-fold or more!
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